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Monday, November 17, 2008

A good Sense of Art

How could a normal person judge an art? How could one say a piece is good or not without being an artist? A familiar saying states that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If it is true then a certain masterpiece could be bad or good to anyone’s judging it. What about these people who studied art all their lives, would their judgments be based on what they studied about or on their senses? Most of us probably will judge an art based on what we see or hear but in the perspective of a real artist it would be different.

One good thing though is there are many professional artists in the world but the well known artists based on their works are mostly natural born artists. How could that be? It’s kind of weird thinking about it but it is true.

I came from an artist family in the sense of wooden art. My father used to be a sculpture and he became famous in our town. I should say he was such a good artist. According to his story, he grew up during Japanese war and he started earning money from people asking him to carve names on their utensils like their plates, spoons and forks. He told me that he started doing it by believing that he can. He actually didn’t realize that he was an artist until he tried it. Then as he grew up and since life was hard, he would paint or draw anything and sell it to Americans that he met during war. These Americas liked what he was doing so they sent him to a school to study art through correspondence.

My father then realized that he could not only carve utensils but also he can do it with wood. So he tried to carve with wood for the first time and it wasn’t bad at all. From there on he started wood carving and sell it to people that he knew. His skill was improving in time until he got his own family and kids. In our town my father was the only wood carver known and he did some oil painting for some of my relatives. He was then known as the wood carver in that small town. His sense of art was so natural that he didn’t need to go to popular University to study it. We are seven children in the family and he supported us through wood carving until his older age. My brother would help him and do minor things like varnishing finished sculpture. By doing so, he got my father’s interests and became engaged in wood sculpture too. My brother, just like my dad didn’t go to school to study art. In his blood and from what he learned from my father he became the second artist in the family. When my father died, he inherited the small business. Now my brother is doing well, in fact, he became more improved. His works are real masterpiece.

Now I’m thinking how could somebody make a masterpiece without studying it? And how could one not make a masterpiece though he/she was studying it all his/her life? That would not make any sense at all. Being an artist is not always by book. Well, as to how to judge a good art is something that everybody can do but not all could be right.