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Friday, October 3, 2008


Im selling wooden carvings made of Narra which is a special kind of wood in the Philippines. We sell religious and non-religious type of sculptures. We take orders and carve it with your choice of wood and ofcourse the subject with certain arrangements with the pricing and the time it needs to finish. Right now we have several items available for sale. One of those is a carving called "Holy Face" which shows the face of Jesus Christ. It is new and very detailed, i suggest that you check the link that i posted to see the picture of it as a sample of our masterpieces. Its dimension is 54cm X 35cm made of Narra wood. The price is negotiable for 5,000 US Dollars with the condition that the buyer would shoulder the cost of shipping. It is very ideal for a gift, collections or for house and church design. Please contact me for further details and if interested to take orders or buy any of the items that i have available for sale.


Rocky Lemuel M. Garcia said...

Narra is best for carvings.

Richmond said...

Very nice work. I'm not an artist but do appreciate the time people put into their work. Glad to $ help out anytime. Thanks for visiting my blog as well.

Gail said...

Nice Work!!